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Sweet and spicy lime chicken

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It really is too hot to cook these days, so my oven is my best friend.  Chicken and rice is a classic, and this is a really easy recipe.  This chicken goes well with plain boiled rice or with millets cooked in chicken stock.  My method is simple, set the timer, put in the chicken and run to the room with the airconditioner on.  Come back when the timer sounds, attend to the food and then escape.      


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First of all, hummus is not Paleo.  This dip is made of chickpeas, which, if you are going paleo for medical reasons, you should avoid.  I make hummus once in a while, mostly as a cheat day fare.  I love chick peas but they have lectins which can irritate a sensitive digestive system.   Now, with the mercury soaring, a cool and slightly lemony dip to eat with salad is such a treat.   My hummus is kind of desi, I use a lot of chilli and garlic. That is…read more

Summer Mango smoothies

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Summer is here in earnest and I hate cooking for long hours. My cooking routine is simple. I wake up early, rustle up a simple meal and am out of the kitchen by 7:30 a.m. With the mercury soaring to 29 degrees and 30 degrees it is the best way to be. But that is just one meal. For the rest of the day, me and the boys live on smoothies. I wonder why we did not do that earlier. When the kids were younger I often made milkshakes and…read more

Loquat Chutney

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In April and May there are many fruit sellers with rehdis (push carts) that go from house to house puiled with this bright orange somewhat astringent fruit. They look lovely. Summer is the time when we crave tangy stuff, so I normally buy them and make a chutney out of them. The chutney is delicious, sweet and sour and goes well with a regular dal-chawal combo. I have even used the chutney to cook chicken but that recipe I’ll put up later.  

Spiced Roasted Orange Chicken

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Summers has hit North India. It has been kind up until now, with it raining every four days or so. The farmers are having a tough time, but I am not a farmer. For us city folk it is reprieve from the heat, for whatever amount of time there is, until the inevitable and dreaded summer heat and loo. I try to cook with fruits in the summers. There is nothing like the tangy and mildly sweet taste of meats cooked with orange, so refreshing.

Real vs Fake Food

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We’re going through a bit of a domestic crisis at home. My live in help is on leave. Earlier when this happened, food was ordered in or brought home from restaurants as a norm. Cooking meals at home was a big NO NO. But then I was low on energy earlier. And I had not developed a taste for real food. I did not even know the concept of real food. Let me explain this. Real means something genuine and authentic. We call it asli or khalis in Hindi/Urdu. It…read more

Paleo Date and Carrot Cake

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Like I said in my previous post, I cleared my carrot patch to make way for pumpkin and brinjal plants.  I got about 5 kg fresh carrots. My daughter-in-law lives in Dubai.  She keeps me well stocked in Mejdool dates. And I had just made my own cake mix. This cake mix is not made with nut meal or with coconut. I was getting bored of those flours but I am unwilling to go off my paleo diet.  So naturally I had to bake carrot and date bread.   I…read more


Paleo Flour

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Ever since I switched to a paleo diet, I’ve been experimenting a lot with various substitutes for getting right kind of cake and bread mix.  I find nut flour too rich and often it takes away from the taste of a cake or bread.  Coconut meal settles at the bottom and makes a bread too clumpy.  Rice flour either makes the baked product gritty or it goes the other way and makes it glutinous.   Yes, trial and error is what makes paleo cooking succeed.  And also pretty nifty ways…read more

Grilled Vegetables

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I love vegetables, lightly spiced and grilled.  When Blogadda shipped me the Hamilton Beach Indoor Grill and Panini Press, my first thought was to experiment how to grill food in it.  A ridged non-stick bottom plate, a heavy lid with a ridged non stick sandwich plate to close and cook both sides evenly.  I just had to try it.   I actually love the colour grilled vegetables add to any main dish, expecially the yellow, green and red peppers. Simply lovely and healthy