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Arrowroot tortillas

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This is a recipe that I found good to use when I am craving roti.  This is grain free, had hardly any egg and tastes awesome with honey and a bit of butter.  A win win attempt. This makes me so happy. I had it with a filling of sweet potato and peas Peas is not strictly paleo but it is winter and they are so fresh and sweet right now.  I cooked a filling of it.

Grain Free Crepes, Paleo

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Winters for me used to mean chilla, parantha and pooda.  My mother made poodas with maida or flour, topped them with a topping made of sugar, coconut and nuts.  We also had them with a dry savory topping made of peas, baby potatoes and carrots.  Today I wanted crepes.  Thank you internet!  Thank you Google!  I found this brilliant recipe.  Wonder how people lived without internet?  Wonder how I lived without it! These crepes are made with just three ingredients, arrowroot, eggs and oil. Arrowroot flour – I have used…read more

Gluten Free Grain Free Paleo Bread

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I woke up with bread cravings.  You know the kind that has you out of bed at 4:45 a.m. wanting to pop a slice in the toaster, slather it with butter and just shove it in the mouth?  Yes, exactly that kind of craving. I had to have bread. When the food cravings kick in, its time to hit the internet. I got this recipe from, made from just and it is simply delicious, it even looks like your regular white bread.  I am one happy cook today. The…read more

Peanut Kadhi and lunch

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When people meet me now, and its been over three months since I went Paleo, they are curious and get horribly fascinated by what to their minds appears to be a deprivation diet. No it is not. This is lunch, millets, peanut kadhi, cauliflower and salad.  Simple, wholesome and nutritious. Now the kadhi.  I love kadhi for its tangy taste, but since paleo avoids dals, I can’t have chickpea flour.  I have been looking for a substitute for this dish.  It is really simple, and of course I made it…read more

Guava and date curry-

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My parents home had a guava tree in the back yard.  I remember a lot of innovative ways guavas were consumed.  We had guava jelly, guava salad, guava with curd.  I also remember chewing the leaves and then sticking out a guava sap whitened tongue at my brothers.  I thought I would get punished, but what I did not anticipate was that my mother would get shocked at the white tongue coated with guava sap and rush me to the doctor.  Yes, guava brings back childhood memories. The farmers market…read more


Baked Basa with Butter

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Fish and rice is for me the perfect dinner.  Ever since I switched to Paleo, I have been craving fish and rice.  Today I cooked basa with sama rice.  Simply heavenly. Basa is a delicate fish with subtle flavour.  Over spicing it takes away its taste.  I cooked it with butter, garlic and a dash of lemon.  It went beautifully with my coconut rice.


Gluten Free Paleo Rice

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We are on a fast here in India.  The ancients, in their wisdom decreed that the devout would go for a bi-annual cleansing in this country, so we have the Navratri fasts where people eschew grains.  The spin off is that we have many mock-grains which serve us during those days.  For a person on a paleo diet like me, this opportunity is heaven sent to stock up on these grains. One of these mock grains is Sama Rice or Foxtail Millet.  All varieties of millet are gluten-free and high…read more


Sago pearls (Sabudana) khichdi

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I am currently having a love-hate relationship with my diet.  I love the health benefits I am getting and I hate the diet because there are so little options.  Today I did not want to look at cheese or chicken.  So monotonous. I was out of buckwheat flour. I had a packet of sago in the cupboard.  Danced a happy jig and then went online to check if it was paleo. What is sago or tapioca? Tapioca or sago is known as cassava, cassada, cassaba, sabudana is the starch of…read more


An update and a snack made out of Colcasia leaves

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I switched to a Palio diet on 4th of last month.  Today is exactly one month and four days since that switch.  Am I glad I did this!  The improvement in my health is stupendous to say the least.  I sleep well, have no acid reflux (a problem I have had for the last twenty years), my hair is softer and bouncier.  I am on the wrong side of fifty, and if I can experience these improvements, people younger than me can be transformed in 30 days! Here is me…read more


Chicken Kali Mirch

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The Indian Cashew and Pepper Chicken   The DIL is back home for a few days.  Gosh, she has lost a tremendous amount of weight and looks like a young girl!  You go, Girl!  I tell you young women these days know how to take care of their bodies while they go and kick serious ass in the work space.  I truly admire them. I wanted to cook something good and special for her that also fit into my Paleo diet.  I first thought I’d do a Salsa chicken.  I…read more