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Elephant Yam or Suran curry

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This vegetable is also known as jimikand.  It is quite a formidable looking tuber, with a thick skin which looks somewhat like a elephant’s hide.  For a long time I did not cook it just because it looked too tough.  But cooked curry made with elephant yam is so tasty, that I finally succumbed.  The first time I made this curry was after I watched a neighbour peel and boil jimikand.  She belonged to Rajasthan where this is a staple food.  I tasted her preparation, yummy.  Now I cook it…read more

Winter greens and sarson ka saag

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All good things come to those who wait.  I think this saying must have been coined by a cook.  I keep reminding myself of this when I am cleaning winter greens for sarson ka saag.  It is such a time consuming process.  Literally translated sarson ka saag means mustard greens.  They are beautiful, dark leafy greens which have a slightly peppery flavour to them.  They predominantly flavour the dish, but they are not the only ingredient.  Traditionally bathua or chenopodium, spinach and some fenugreek (methi leaves) are added.  I add…read more

Shalgam Meat, Mutton with turnips

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Winter needs warming hearty food.  Of course it means soups too, but between you and me, I prefer red meats, spices and root vegetables.  Lots of root vegetables like turnips, beetroot and radishes. One can’t go wrong with turnips, baked, roasted or put into mutton dishes.  Did you know one turnip can give more that 50 per cent of your daily intake of vitamin C?  So to fight common cold, eat turnips, lots of them.  Of course it also helps in weight loss.  It helps fight cancer too.  Random musing…read more

Prawn Malai Curry

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I have memories of fresh prawns, the green ones on beds of ice that we used to buy at INA Market in Delhi.   Sadly I no longer have the energy to drive down some thirty kilometers on a fresh prawn quest.  Frozen prawns are what I settle for even though sometimes I think they are not as good.  I am missing fresh deveined prawns right now. I had a packet of frozen prawns and decided to make prawn malai curry, one of my favorites.  Mildly spicy, creamy and really…read more

Baked seer with coriander and ginger

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I was planning to bake fish with coriander and coconut.  The younger son rebelled.  He hates coconut, he declared.  Humph!  Remind me to point this out to him when he munches a Bounty or eats coconut laddus.  Well, to be a bit charitable to him, we have been having too much coconut milk in the house, so I guess he needed a break from coconut in any form. So I changed my plan, and it turned out brilliant.  Winters in Delhi means we get a lot of greens.  I had…read more

King Fish (Surmai) hot and sour curry

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I find making fish fuss-free.  It is fast, easy and quick.  Unlike chicken and mutton one does not have to spend an hour or so cooking the meat.  My kids don’t like river fish, they hate bony fishes.  Anything that takes time and effort to eat does not hold their interest.  King Fish or Surmai has hardly any bones. This hot and sour curry is something I learnt from a neighbour who hails from the coast.  I love it. Method Step 1 Lightly roast cumin seeds and coriander seeds and…read more

Guava and date curry-

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My parents home had a guava tree in the back yard.  I remember a lot of innovative ways guavas were consumed.  We had guava jelly, guava salad, guava with curd.  I also remember chewing the leaves and then sticking out a guava sap whitened tongue at my brothers.  I thought I would get punished, but what I did not anticipate was that my mother would get shocked at the white tongue coated with guava sap and rush me to the doctor.  Yes, guava brings back childhood memories. The farmers market…read more


Raw Banana Kofta Curry

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I love banana, in any shape and form.  I can feast on banana chips.  It is the best invention known to man.  Most days when I am too rushed to think of cooking anything for breakfast, I grab a couple of bananas and a spoonful of peanut butter.  It is my breakfast-on-the-go recipe.  Today the farmer’s market near my house had lots of raw banana.  I decided to make this kofta curry for lunch.   Procedure 1. Boil the bananas.  When placing the bananas in the cooker to boil, add…read more


Baked Basa with Butter

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Fish and rice is for me the perfect dinner.  Ever since I switched to Paleo, I have been craving fish and rice.  Today I cooked basa with sama rice.  Simply heavenly. Basa is a delicate fish with subtle flavour.  Over spicing it takes away its taste.  I cooked it with butter, garlic and a dash of lemon.  It went beautifully with my coconut rice.


Gluten Free Paleo Rice

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We are on a fast here in India.  The ancients, in their wisdom decreed that the devout would go for a bi-annual cleansing in this country, so we have the Navratri fasts where people eschew grains.  The spin off is that we have many mock-grains which serve us during those days.  For a person on a paleo diet like me, this opportunity is heaven sent to stock up on these grains. One of these mock grains is Sama Rice or Foxtail Millet.  All varieties of millet are gluten-free and high…read more