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Egg Nog and a Merry Christmas

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Christmas means nutmeg.  When I was a child I lived in the north east where Bara Din or Christmas was celebrated with enthusiasm.  Christmas for me brings aromas of pine, ginger and nutmeg spiced with the smell of rum.  The army, being secular in its ethos organized a huge dinner on Christmas night which was called … Barra Din Ki Barra Khana. Not very original, but we did not mind it.  It was feast time so we partied!  It was in Shillong that I first tasted the non-alcoholic egg nog….read more


Paleo Flour

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Ever since I switched to a paleo diet, I’ve been experimenting a lot with various substitutes for getting right kind of cake and bread mix.  I find nut flour too rich and often it takes away from the taste of a cake or bread.  Coconut meal settles at the bottom and makes a bread too clumpy.  Rice flour either makes the baked product gritty or it goes the other way and makes it glutinous.   Yes, trial and error is what makes paleo cooking succeed.  And also pretty nifty ways…read more

Arrowroot tortillas

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This is a recipe that I found good to use when I am craving roti.  This is grain free, had hardly any egg and tastes awesome with honey and a bit of butter.  A win win attempt. This makes me so happy. I had it with a filling of sweet potato and peas Peas is not strictly paleo but it is winter and they are so fresh and sweet right now.  I cooked a filling of it.

Grain Free Crepes, Paleo

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Winters for me used to mean chilla, parantha and pooda.  My mother made poodas with maida or flour, topped them with a topping made of sugar, coconut and nuts.  We also had them with a dry savory topping made of peas, baby potatoes and carrots.  Today I wanted crepes.  Thank you internet!  Thank you Google!  I found this brilliant recipe.  Wonder how people lived without internet?  Wonder how I lived without it! These crepes are made with just three ingredients, arrowroot, eggs and oil. Arrowroot flour ‚Äď I have used…read more

Gluten Free Grain Free Paleo Bread

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I woke up with bread cravings.  You know the kind that has you out of bed at 4:45 a.m. wanting to pop a slice in the toaster, slather it with butter and just shove it in the mouth?  Yes, exactly that kind of craving. I had to have bread. When the food cravings kick in, its time to hit the internet. I got this recipe from, made from just and it is simply delicious, it even looks like your regular white bread.  I am one happy cook today. The…read more

Blini : The Paleo Russian Buckwheat Pancakes

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Since I am trying all kinds of Gluten free recipes, I thought I would try to make Blini, a gluten free pancake, ideal for breakfast. Now buckwheat is good, there are tons of healthy reasons why we should incorporate this into our regular diet. Kasha or buckwheat or Kuttu Atta is closer to being a complete protein than other plant sources, including soybeans, since it contains all eight essential amino acids in good proportion. In particular, buckwheat contains significant amounts of the amino acid lysine, which makes it unique as a…read more

Gluten-free buckwheat bread

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I can’t let my Paleo diet keep me away from my oven can I?  Or divorce bread for that matter. Oh, it is day 11 of my Paleo diet and I am doing fine, thanks for asking.  ūüėÄ I went all over the internet searching for a gluten-free flour that I could bake, which was cost effective.  Otherwise in desperation, I would cheat.  Such is the craving I get for bread.  Kidding! Sigh … not really. The solution was surprisingly so simple that I almost fell into the laptop screen to…read more

Flax Seeds and health

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The diet I have gotten calls for having at least three spoons of flax seeds, two spoons with my morning breakfast and¬†one spoon with lunch. ¬†I had read about flax seeds being put into recipes, but had never used them. ¬†I decided to look into them and was very impressed with the knowledge I managed to gather. ¬†Flax seed is known as Alsi in Hindi. Web MD says Flaxseed is a popular traditional food and remedy, as flaxseed and flaxseed oil, or linseed oil, contain alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), an omega-3…read more


Challah or Braided Bread

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Gutn Morgn or Good Morning as they say in Yiddish. ¬†I am baking Challah today. Challah (pronounced as Khah Lah) is a traditional Jewish sweet bread, which is distinctive as it is done in braids. ¬†Food with history and symbolism is my favorite kind of food. ¬†It makes me feel like my kitchen is linked with countless kitchens, with humanity. ¬†Cooking is a very human activity, we grow our food, we cook it using recipes that have been passed to us through our grandmothers and mothers. ¬†Perhaps someday, humans will…read more


Cinnamon Bread

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I was baking simple white bread when the sons turned up their nose, they wanted some meetha bread since white bread is so boring. ¬†Trust children who belong to women who cook to turn out picky! A quick peek inside the fridge confirmed two things. ¬†1: I am out of vegetables and fruit. ¬†2: I do not have any leftovers either, that could be disguised in a pie. ¬†Yes I am a minge and I dress up left over cooked food, shove it in a pie crust and feed it…read more