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Prawn Malai Curry

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I have memories of fresh prawns, the green ones on beds of ice that we used to buy at INA Market in Delhi.   Sadly I no longer have the energy to drive down some thirty kilometers on a fresh prawn quest.  Frozen prawns are what I settle for even though sometimes I think they are not as good.  I am missing fresh deveined prawns right now. I had a packet of frozen prawns and decided to make prawn malai curry, one of my favorites.  Mildly spicy, creamy and really…read more

Baked seer with coriander and ginger

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I was planning to bake fish with coriander and coconut.  The younger son rebelled.  He hates coconut, he declared.  Humph!  Remind me to point this out to him when he munches a Bounty or eats coconut laddus.  Well, to be a bit charitable to him, we have been having too much coconut milk in the house, so I guess he needed a break from coconut in any form. So I changed my plan, and it turned out brilliant.  Winters in Delhi means we get a lot of greens.  I had…read more

King Fish (Surmai) hot and sour curry

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I find making fish fuss-free.  It is fast, easy and quick.  Unlike chicken and mutton one does not have to spend an hour or so cooking the meat.  My kids don’t like river fish, they hate bony fishes.  Anything that takes time and effort to eat does not hold their interest.  King Fish or Surmai has hardly any bones. This hot and sour curry is something I learnt from a neighbour who hails from the coast.  I love it. Method Step 1 Lightly roast cumin seeds and coriander seeds and…read more

Baked Basa with Butter

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Fish and rice is for me the perfect dinner.  Ever since I switched to Paleo, I have been craving fish and rice.  Today I cooked basa with sama rice.  Simply heavenly. Basa is a delicate fish with subtle flavour.  Over spicing it takes away its taste.  I cooked it with butter, garlic and a dash of lemon.  It went beautifully with my coconut rice.


Fish cakes

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These are actually what we would call fish patties or cutlets.  But then calling them cakes makes me happy, since diabetic me can have them and feel happy. I was married into a Bengali family and have learnt to cook fish in a variety of ways but the sons are resistant to fish, they hate the bones.  So I have adapted and always got boneless fish.  This preparation is somewhat of a mix of Indian spices and western cooking, and it works well for me. Fish (boneless) 1/2 kg Four…read more


Achari Fish

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I am always on a look out for fish recipes that do not call for frying the fish before hand.  I can do without deep fried anything, believe me.  Most river fish recipes call for frying the fish before one can make a gravy. Achari Macchi does not, so I thought it was worth a shot. All that is needed is 500 gms surmaiyi or any other fish without too many bones.  I am not a purist when it comes to fish, mainly because the sons despise bony fish.  Ah they…read more


Baked Basa with grilled vegetables

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This is the son’s recipe. He has decided that I am going to be eating healthy … otherwise! No, don’t ask me what will happen if he sees me stuffing my face with a samosa or cheesecake. I haven’t asked him and I don’t want to know. Perhaps he will sentence me to cabbage soup for the rest of my life, (Shudder!) For Grilled Vegetables One cauliflower 2 bell peppers, we used one green and one red Tofu 250 gms.   (Ignore the zucchini.  I just sprinkle salt and pepper…read more