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Guava and date curry-

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My parents home had a guava tree in the back yard.  I remember a lot of innovative ways guavas were consumed.  We had guava jelly, guava salad, guava with curd.  I also remember chewing the leaves and then sticking out a guava sap whitened tongue at my brothers.  I thought I would get punished, but what I did not anticipate was that my mother would get shocked at the white tongue coated with guava sap and rush me to the doctor.  Yes, guava brings back childhood memories. The farmers market…read more


Chia Seeds for health

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I did not know what chia seeds were when I embarked on my Paleo diet.  Most paleo blogs and podcasts talk in length about chia and flax seeds which one must have on a regular basis not only because they impart a sense of fullness, but also because this is a low carb diet and we need supplements. Hence chia seeds … Now chia or Salvia hispanica is a species of flowering plant in the mint family, Lamiaceae, native to central and southern Mexico and Guatemala.  250 grams of this seed costs Rs.1350/- which in my…read more

Mango Yogurt Cake

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I do not like this custom of painting faces with cake on birthdays.  It is not right.  I spend time and labor, making a cake and then it gets smeared around.  So this time for son’s junior’s birthday, which is tomorrow, I baked a mango yogurt cake, its white and mango yellow.  I could have given it a butter cream icing but did not. ***Evil Mother Laugh*** I dare you to smear this on each other. Ingredients 300g  or one large coffee mug of all purpose flour (maida) 2½ tsp baking…read more


Fresh Chunky Mango Cake

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Aren’t mangoes absolutely delicious?  I think it’s Nature’s way of compensating us for the horribly hot summers we have in India.  I use them in a lot of things, but the best is baking a chunky mango cake.  I baked one this Sunday. Ingredients 1 cup sugar 2/3 cup ghee 2 egg 1 cup flour plus some for dusting the cake tin 1 level spoon baking powder 1/2 spoon baking soda 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/8 teaspoon ground nutmeg, optional (I don’t use much nutmeg) 3 mango…read more


Sweet and Sour Raw Mango

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Summers in India means the mango season.  And though I am not a huge fan of ripe mangoes, I find them too sweet.  But I love raw mango, and make chutneys, curries etc with them.    This recipe is a summer favorite. INGREDIENTS 1. Raw mango 250 gms (two large ones) peeled and cut into small pieces 2. Jeera 1 tsp 3. Fenugreek seeds 1/2 tsp 4. Fennel seeds 1/ tsp 5. Onion seeds 1/4 tsp 6. Hing 1/4 tsp 7. Cloves 4-5 8. Tejpatta – one large leaf 9. Turmeric…read more