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Shahi Tukda for Diabetics

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“I’m creating a dish using Fortune Vivo Diabetes-Care Oil for the #MakeIndiaDiabetesFree activity at BlogAdda.” When Blogadda sent me a 5 ltr can of Fortune Vivo Diabetes-Free oil for a review I experienced the same feeling one gets when faced with a multiple choice question where all the options given could be the right one. I must admit that I was a bit dubious about the oil, because it does not look like normal refined cooking oil. It is deep yellow in colour and it does not stick to the…read more


Boost the immune system

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This tonic is easy to make and is really effective.  It involves no cooking and I’ve seen benefits in using it for just one week.   All we need is a glass jar (I used an empty jam jar, cleaned and sun-dried) honey, pepper and garlic. Garlic : Everyone knows that garlic is really good for health.  Sadly though, cooking it destroys most of the benefits.  A study conducted by Washington State University showed that garlic is 100 times more effective than antibiotics in combating disease causing bacteria.  Its anti…read more

Shrimp salad

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Delhi is a landlocked area, so for us, the denizens of this area sea food acquires dizzy heights of gourmet food right to the level of caviar.  Have you ever had caviar?  I find it horrible but then people tell me its acquired taste and it’s for the nobility, not for middle class peasants like me. Anyway I digress. Delhi can also be hot and humid during the monsoons.  Sweat and general lassitude make the kitchen feel like the inside of my oven set on slow grill.  Most of the…read more

Gluten free onion biscuits

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The whole problem with a gluten free diet is that one misses crunchy snacks. Nah, that is not it. One misses crunchy anything on a gluten free diet. I really miss toasted crunchy bread crusts, namkeen mixes and rusk. It was the “missing crunch” that led me to making these absolutely paleo and really spicy onion biscuits. Right now I am in heaven, sipping my cup of tea, munching on spicy onion and coriander biscuits and watching the rain. Bliss The trick is to find a good replacement for flour…read more

Beating fatigue when on a healthy diet

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You are what you eat, the old adage says. And right now I am tired. This is something I’ve heard from so many people who switch to healthy eating. I think the underlying cause for this weariness is that we’re so used to eating foods that give instant energy that we mismanage our foods once we start shunning them. A bowl of pasta can give a lot of energy, but once that burns off it leaves a whole lot of health problems. I thought I’d aced it, gone off gluten…read more

Corn on the cob coconut curry

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Corn is not paleo and it certainly is not gluten free. So if you have celiac allergy, avoid it. That being said, there are times I crave to have food that is in season. With the rains making their appearance, the farmer’s market I get my vegetables and fruit from is laden with corn, fresh and tender. So I succumbed to temptation and bought it. This is a very simple recipe that does away with the normal staples like onions, ginger and garlic. I like the way it gives the…read more

Sweet and spicy lime chicken

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It really is too hot to cook these days, so my oven is my best friend.  Chicken and rice is a classic, and this is a really easy recipe.  This chicken goes well with plain boiled rice or with millets cooked in chicken stock.  My method is simple, set the timer, put in the chicken and run to the room with the airconditioner on.  Come back when the timer sounds, attend to the food and then escape.      


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First of all, hummus is not Paleo.  This dip is made of chickpeas, which, if you are going paleo for medical reasons, you should avoid.  I make hummus once in a while, mostly as a cheat day fare.  I love chick peas but they have lectins which can irritate a sensitive digestive system.   Now, with the mercury soaring, a cool and slightly lemony dip to eat with salad is such a treat.   My hummus is kind of desi, I use a lot of chilli and garlic. That is…read more

Summer Mango smoothies

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Summer is here in earnest and I hate cooking for long hours. My cooking routine is simple. I wake up early, rustle up a simple meal and am out of the kitchen by 7:30 a.m. With the mercury soaring to 29 degrees and 30 degrees it is the best way to be. But that is just one meal. For the rest of the day, me and the boys live on smoothies. I wonder why we did not do that earlier. When the kids were younger I often made milkshakes and…read more

Loquat Chutney

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In April and May there are many fruit sellers with rehdis (push carts) that go from house to house puiled with this bright orange somewhat astringent fruit. They look lovely. Summer is the time when we crave tangy stuff, so I normally buy them and make a chutney out of them. The chutney is delicious, sweet and sour and goes well with a regular dal-chawal combo. I have even used the chutney to cook chicken but that recipe I’ll put up later.