Desi Paleo


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First of all, hummus is not Paleo.  This dip is made of chickpeas, which, if you are going paleo for medical reasons, you should avoid.  I make hummus once in a while, mostly as a cheat day fare.  I love chick peas but they have lectins which can irritate a sensitive digestive system.   Now, with the mercury soaring, a cool and slightly lemony dip to eat with salad is such a treat.   My hummus is kind of desi, I use a lot of chilli and garlic. That is…read more

Grilled Vegetables

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I love vegetables, lightly spiced and grilled.  When Blogadda shipped me the Hamilton Beach Indoor Grill and Panini Press, my first thought was to experiment how to grill food in it.  A ridged non-stick bottom plate, a heavy lid with a ridged non stick sandwich plate to close and cook both sides evenly.  I just had to try it.   I actually love the colour grilled vegetables add to any main dish, expecially the yellow, green and red peppers. Simply lovely and healthy  

Raw turmeric with peas or capsicum

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The sons are quite fond of ginger tea.  This has led to a perpetual shortage of ginger root in our home.  Apparently they pound all the root they can find in the fridge into pulp for their endless cups of tea.  Son 1 : I want ginger tea Maid : No ginger Son 2 : Bringing out this and saying : What?  Why are you trying to hide ginger from us? Maid : This is haldi (turmeric) not ginger. Both exchanging glances : Haldi is a root?? Me smiling as…read more

Winter greens and sarson ka saag

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All good things come to those who wait.  I think this saying must have been coined by a cook.  I keep reminding myself of this when I am cleaning winter greens for sarson ka saag.  It is such a time consuming process.  Literally translated sarson ka saag means mustard greens.  They are beautiful, dark leafy greens which have a slightly peppery flavour to them.  They predominantly flavour the dish, but they are not the only ingredient.  Traditionally bathua or chenopodium, spinach and some fenugreek (methi leaves) are added.  I add…read more

Guava and date curry-

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My parents home had a guava tree in the back yard.  I remember a lot of innovative ways guavas were consumed.  We had guava jelly, guava salad, guava with curd.  I also remember chewing the leaves and then sticking out a guava sap whitened tongue at my brothers.  I thought I would get punished, but what I did not anticipate was that my mother would get shocked at the white tongue coated with guava sap and rush me to the doctor.  Yes, guava brings back childhood memories. The farmers market…read more


Fresh tomato vegetable recipe

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It’s tangy, sweet and spicy, the kind that brings your tastebuds alive.  Some of the basic Indian recipes are delicious.  I grow tomato at home, which means that when I harvest them I am often at a loss and I hate letting them go waste.  This recipe requires onion, tomato and jaggery, all three things easy to find in an Indian kitchen. Ingredients: 10 small tomatoes, finely chopped 2 large onions, finely chopped One sprig curry leaves Fresh coriander for garnish. One teaspoon ginger grated 2 to three green chillies….read more


Sweet and Sour Raw Mango

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Summers in India means the mango season.  And though I am not a huge fan of ripe mangoes, I find them too sweet.  But I love raw mango, and make chutneys, curries etc with them.    This recipe is a summer favorite. INGREDIENTS 1. Raw mango 250 gms (two large ones) peeled and cut into small pieces 2. Jeera 1 tsp 3. Fenugreek seeds 1/2 tsp 4. Fennel seeds 1/ tsp 5. Onion seeds 1/4 tsp 6. Hing 1/4 tsp 7. Cloves 4-5 8. Tejpatta – one large leaf 9. Turmeric…read more