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Stuffed Buns

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When I was girl, my mother used to make bread rolls. They had left over vegetables spiced up and stuffed into bread that was deep fried. We saw a lot of that on the table in summers when we kids turned our noses up on the watery gooey vegetables and preferred eating our roti and rice with pickles and a fried egg. Well, the summer vegetables are still watery and bland. But both my sons won’t touch anything deep fried by me. Oh they will have fried momos and aloo…read more

Makhana or Fox Nut : A healthy paleo snack

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Makhana or lotus seed is Asian water plant which is mainly cultivated for its edible seeds. They are white colored and round in shape which make them resemble to popcorn.  Compared to some dry fruits like almonds, walnut, cashew nuts and coconut, makhana is definitely better in terms of phenol content, sugar, protein, ascorbic acid etc.  Easily digestible and with high medicinal benefits, I would recommend readers to add this to their pantry.   100 gms of Foxnut equals 350kcal, 77gm carbohydrate, 9.7gm easily digestible protein, 12.8gm moisture, 0.1gm fat,…read more

An update and a snack made out of Colcasia leaves

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I switched to a Palio diet on 4th of last month.  Today is exactly one month and four days since that switch.  Am I glad I did this!  The improvement in my health is stupendous to say the least.  I sleep well, have no acid reflux (a problem I have had for the last twenty years), my hair is softer and bouncier.  I am on the wrong side of fifty, and if I can experience these improvements, people younger than me can be transformed in 30 days! Here is me…read more


Chia Seeds for health

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I did not know what chia seeds were when I embarked on my Paleo diet.  Most paleo blogs and podcasts talk in length about chia and flax seeds which one must have on a regular basis not only because they impart a sense of fullness, but also because this is a low carb diet and we need supplements. Hence chia seeds … Now chia or Salvia hispanica is a species of flowering plant in the mint family, Lamiaceae, native to central and southern Mexico and Guatemala.  250 grams of this seed costs Rs.1350/- which in my…read more

Sweet dough

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So what do cinnamon rolls, cookies, jam buns and cream buns have in common? Apart from being served as desert, tea time snack, calories and complete satisfaction of cravings of the sweet tooth variety? You got it – sweet dough. This sweet dough is a recipe I got from a Russian grandmother.  Yes, baking transcends borders and languages.  The lady keeps this dough in the fridge and whenever her grandchildren visit or she wants to pamper someone, she makes balls, stuffs them up with jam or nutella and bingo – she…read more


Mango Yogurt Cake

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I do not like this custom of painting faces with cake on birthdays.  It is not right.  I spend time and labor, making a cake and then it gets smeared around.  So this time for son’s junior’s birthday, which is tomorrow, I baked a mango yogurt cake, its white and mango yellow.  I could have given it a butter cream icing but did not. ***Evil Mother Laugh*** I dare you to smear this on each other. Ingredients 300g  or one large coffee mug of all purpose flour (maida) 2½ tsp baking…read more


Almond Oatmeal Cookies

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Don’t you sometimes have this urge to eat something sweet and delicious but can’t?  Well I do, and being diabetic, I can’t just stop at an ice cream vendor and pick up a cone or much on a chocolate.  For me sweet things are a huge challenge.  So I bake.  Another reason I bake is because the family starts moping if I don’t go into the kitchen for a while. Psst : That is the excuse I shell out, but don’t tell them. I had almonds sitting minding their own…read more


Whole Wheat Peanut Butter Cookies

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Recently my son baked them and he used brown sugar and white sugar in it.  I prefer using honey, because I dislike the crunch of sugar in my mouth.   These are delicious and extremely filling.  I like to have a couple with tea for breakfast – oh, who am I kidding.  I have many of them.  Here is my recipe You Will Need: 1 Cup crunchy peanut butter ( You can use the smooth butter too, but I like peanuts.) 1 Cup honey 1 egg, beaten 1 1/2 teaspoon…read more


Fish cakes

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These are actually what we would call fish patties or cutlets.  But then calling them cakes makes me happy, since diabetic me can have them and feel happy. I was married into a Bengali family and have learnt to cook fish in a variety of ways but the sons are resistant to fish, they hate the bones.  So I have adapted and always got boneless fish.  This preparation is somewhat of a mix of Indian spices and western cooking, and it works well for me. Fish (boneless) 1/2 kg Four…read more