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Sweet Potato Bread

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I’ve become a huge fan of sweet potatoes.  There was a time when all I knew was that we could roast them, squeeze a lemon on them, spice them up and have them as a snack. They are so versatile and forgive all kinds of tweaks you can give to them. This bread is made with sweet potato and arrowroot.  It is delicious.  The recipe is really simple and is adapted from the one I found on    


Sweet Potato and Egg Salad

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There are days when the son decides he’s going to pig it, in my presence.  I think he gets a kick from watching me suffer while he eats completely rich and artery clogging food, daring me to break my resolution of living on a low carb and gluten free diet.  Tonight was one of those days.  He decided to eat aloo parantha with Amul butter and egg bhurji.  If he was trying to tempt me, it failed miserably.  I took one look at the butter swimming on his parantha and cringed….read more