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Stuffed Buns

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When I was girl, my mother used to make bread rolls. They had left over vegetables spiced up and stuffed into bread that was deep fried. We saw a lot of that on the table in summers when we kids turned our noses up on the watery gooey vegetables and preferred eating our roti and rice with pickles and a fried egg. Well, the summer vegetables are still watery and bland. But both my sons won’t touch anything deep fried by me. Oh they will have fried momos and aloo…read more

One Pot Meal : A Spicy Brinjal Rice dish : Vangi Bhaat

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Aubergine or eggplant is known as baingan in Hindi. Apparently a king, bored with the vegetable called it be-gun or without any properties of its own. I disagree, I find it a very versatile vegetable. My kitchen garden has gifted me with a huge crop of the eggplant. It is a very popular dish and there are many variations. This is the recipe my mother used and it turns out very tasty. First of all one has to make the vangi bhaat masala   Of course you can buy this…read more

Raw turmeric with peas or capsicum

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The sons are quite fond of ginger tea.  This has led to a perpetual shortage of ginger root in our home.  Apparently they pound all the root they can find in the fridge into pulp for their endless cups of tea.  Son 1 : I want ginger tea Maid : No ginger Son 2 : Bringing out this and saying : What?  Why are you trying to hide ginger from us? Maid : This is haldi (turmeric) not ginger. Both exchanging glances : Haldi is a root?? Me smiling as…read more

Elephant Yam or Suran curry

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This vegetable is also known as jimikand.  It is quite a formidable looking tuber, with a thick skin which looks somewhat like a elephant’s hide.  For a long time I did not cook it just because it looked too tough.  But cooked curry made with elephant yam is so tasty, that I finally succumbed.  The first time I made this curry was after I watched a neighbour peel and boil jimikand.  She belonged to Rajasthan where this is a staple food.  I tasted her preparation, yummy.  Now I cook it…read more

Winter greens and sarson ka saag

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All good things come to those who wait.  I think this saying must have been coined by a cook.  I keep reminding myself of this when I am cleaning winter greens for sarson ka saag.  It is such a time consuming process.  Literally translated sarson ka saag means mustard greens.  They are beautiful, dark leafy greens which have a slightly peppery flavour to them.  They predominantly flavour the dish, but they are not the only ingredient.  Traditionally bathua or chenopodium, spinach and some fenugreek (methi leaves) are added.  I add…read more

Zucchini Bread Paleo

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I had two zucchini sitting in the fridge, which really had to be used. The problem with being alone at home is that one ends up eating left overs. The boys have gone away for four days and I had no intention of inflicting myself with zucchini day in and day out. Bread is a wonderful option isn’t it. Ever since I taught myself to bake grain free, I am a happy baker. There is nothing like bread to spread butter on and have with a hot cup of coffee….read more