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Gluten free onion biscuits

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The whole problem with a gluten free diet is that one misses crunchy snacks. Nah, that is not it. One misses crunchy anything on a gluten free diet. I really miss toasted crunchy bread crusts, namkeen mixes and rusk. It was the “missing crunch” that led me to making these absolutely paleo and really spicy onion biscuits. Right now I am in heaven, sipping my cup of tea, munching on spicy onion and coriander biscuits and watching the rain. Bliss The trick is to find a good replacement for flour…read more

Mangofee Pie

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Making this pie is time consuming, but it is worth the effort believe me.  I like to make this at least once when mangoes are in season.  My grumpy older son has been on my case for a month because I’ve put on weight eating all the bread I bake.  So I was a bit scared of putting this pie together, but then I did it, succumbed to temptation. It is banofee pie tweaked a bit, that is all. First, I took a bag of Marie biscuits and smashed them…read more