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Garlic and Onion Dinner Rolls

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And yes, we are back to baking my favorite food, bread.  It is my favorite kind of cooking.  Why?  Because I love making my life difficult.  With frequent power outages in the area I live in, it is always suspenseful.  Will I have power to bake bread or not.  Ah!  The joys of living on the edge … These are tender dinner rolls stuffed with onions, garlic, basil and oregano.  This time I decided to listen to my conscience and added wheat flour to them.  I find that if I…read more


Challah or Braided Bread

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Gutn Morgn or Good Morning as they say in Yiddish.  I am baking Challah today. Challah (pronounced as Khah Lah) is a traditional Jewish sweet bread, which is distinctive as it is done in braids.  Food with history and symbolism is my favorite kind of food.  It makes me feel like my kitchen is linked with countless kitchens, with humanity.  Cooking is a very human activity, we grow our food, we cook it using recipes that have been passed to us through our grandmothers and mothers.  Perhaps someday, humans will…read more


Yeast and its benefits

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Often people get very impressed by the fact that I bake my own bread.  Most of them shy away from it, because it is time consuming and they do not know how to work with yeast. Yeast is very good for health.  There are basically two types of yeast, one is called the brewers yeast and the other is nutritional yeast.  Brewers yeast is a by product of making beer, and its bitter.  What I use in baking bread is the bakers yeast.  There is another form of yeast called…read more


Cinnamon Bread

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I was baking simple white bread when the sons turned up their nose, they wanted some meetha bread since white bread is so boring.  Trust children who belong to women who cook to turn out picky! A quick peek inside the fridge confirmed two things.  1: I am out of vegetables and fruit.  2: I do not have any leftovers either, that could be disguised in a pie.  Yes I am a minge and I dress up left over cooked food, shove it in a pie crust and feed it…read more


Simple White Bread

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In the summers I hate to slave in the kitchen.  It is too hot and Indian cooking is heat intensive.  We fry our onions and ginger garlic pastes, we dry roast our spices and we even roll out and cook our breads on a griddle.  I hate cooking in the summers.  So I bake most of the time.  It makes sense to pop stuff in the oven, set the timer and settle down in air conditioned comfort.  So I bake my breads with flour or wheat and expect the family…read more


Garlic Pull-apart rolls

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Bread is something so basic, I think a person can live on bread alone, provided its freshly baked at home.  I started baking bread with a lot doubts, which I suppose is natural.  I had never done any baking using yeast.  Now I prefer making my breads at home.  This recipe is a family favorite, it has bread, a lot of herbs and garlic.  A combination which is a huge hit with the sons.  We normally have it with freshly cooked marinara sauce. INGREDIENTS 2 teaspoons (7g/1 sachet) dried yeast…read more


Bread and Apple Pudding

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My older son’s birthday is on the 20th and he has decided that he is too old for the cake and party routine.  Now that simply won’t do.  I mean I don’t think I am too old for a cake on my birthday!  I don’t think I can ever grow too old for a cake and for a party, never mind that I would never be able to blow the candles on the cake, should someone be so rude to put fifty of them on the cake… or find a…read more


Banana Bread

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Sunday was a cheat day.  I can say it again and again clicking my heels as I do.  Sunday was a cheat day 😀 And I had this fantastic excuse, we had guests, so I could cook and sneak in a bite when no one was looking.  And I had a whole lot of bananas.  I baked banana bread.  It is a very simple bread/cake to bake, and is delicious. Ingredients 2 cupa maida (all purpose flour) 1/4th spoon salt 2 eggs I tsp baking soda 1/4th spoon baking powder 3/4th cup…read more