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Paleo Date and Carrot Cake

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Like I said in my previous post, I cleared my carrot patch to make way for pumpkin and brinjal plants.  I got about 5 kg fresh carrots. My daughter-in-law lives in Dubai.  She keeps me well stocked in Mejdool dates. And I had just made my own cake mix. This cake mix is not made with nut meal or with coconut. I was getting bored of those flours but I am unwilling to go off my paleo diet.  So naturally I had to bake carrot and date bread.   I…read more


Paleo Flour

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Ever since I switched to a paleo diet, I’ve been experimenting a lot with various substitutes for getting right kind of cake and bread mix.  I find nut flour too rich and often it takes away from the taste of a cake or bread.  Coconut meal settles at the bottom and makes a bread too clumpy.  Rice flour either makes the baked product gritty or it goes the other way and makes it glutinous.   Yes, trial and error is what makes paleo cooking succeed.  And also pretty nifty ways…read more

Sticky Date Pudding, Gluten Free

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I am getting fascinated with arrowroot flour.  It is so versatile.  I only knew it as something Mama used to thicken gravies and soups.  It has been raining since yesterday and it is so cold that I wanted to eat a pudding.  As I do when such cravings hit me, I began searching for a recipe using stuff I had at home.  I had arrowroot powder.  I had organic honey and dates.  So pudding made of dates and honey was what I wanted.  The trick was to cook it without…read more

Mango Yogurt Cake

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I do not like this custom of painting faces with cake on birthdays.  It is not right.  I spend time and labor, making a cake and then it gets smeared around.  So this time for son’s junior’s birthday, which is tomorrow, I baked a mango yogurt cake, its white and mango yellow.  I could have given it a butter cream icing but did not. ***Evil Mother Laugh*** I dare you to smear this on each other. Ingredients 300g  or one large coffee mug of all purpose flour (maida) 2½ tsp baking…read more


Cinnamon Bread

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I was baking simple white bread when the sons turned up their nose, they wanted some meetha bread since white bread is so boring.  Trust children who belong to women who cook to turn out picky! A quick peek inside the fridge confirmed two things.  1: I am out of vegetables and fruit.  2: I do not have any leftovers either, that could be disguised in a pie.  Yes I am a minge and I dress up left over cooked food, shove it in a pie crust and feed it…read more


Fresh Chunky Mango Cake

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Aren’t mangoes absolutely delicious?  I think it’s Nature’s way of compensating us for the horribly hot summers we have in India.  I use them in a lot of things, but the best is baking a chunky mango cake.  I baked one this Sunday. Ingredients 1 cup sugar 2/3 cup ghee 2 egg 1 cup flour plus some for dusting the cake tin 1 level spoon baking powder 1/2 spoon baking soda 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/8 teaspoon ground nutmeg, optional (I don’t use much nutmeg) 3 mango…read more


Banana Bread

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Sunday was a cheat day.  I can say it again and again clicking my heels as I do.  Sunday was a cheat day 😀 And I had this fantastic excuse, we had guests, so I could cook and sneak in a bite when no one was looking.  And I had a whole lot of bananas.  I baked banana bread.  It is a very simple bread/cake to bake, and is delicious. Ingredients 2 cupa maida (all purpose flour) 1/4th spoon salt 2 eggs I tsp baking soda 1/4th spoon baking powder 3/4th cup…read more