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Sweet and spicy lime chicken

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It really is too hot to cook these days, so my oven is my best friend.  Chicken and rice is a classic, and this is a really easy recipe.  This chicken goes well with plain boiled rice or with millets cooked in chicken stock.  My method is simple, set the timer, put in the chicken and run to the room with the airconditioner on.  Come back when the timer sounds, attend to the food and then escape.      

Spiced Roasted Orange Chicken

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Summers has hit North India. It has been kind up until now, with it raining every four days or so. The farmers are having a tough time, but I am not a farmer. For us city folk it is reprieve from the heat, for whatever amount of time there is, until the inevitable and dreaded summer heat and loo. I try to cook with fruits in the summers. There is nothing like the tangy and mildly sweet taste of meats cooked with orange, so refreshing.

Panini Press and the Paleo Diet

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Maybe you are sick of the same old bread-butter-jam sandwich day after day. Maybe you are tired of cookng yourself an omelette or feeding the family a routine breakfast. Or maybe you want to impress the heck out of some dinner guests with a truly different dessert. May I introduce the panini press to you? Panini loosely means sandwich, something I had sadly waved goodbye once I switched to a paleo diet. Yes I love bread, to me bread butter is comfort food. So when Blogadda sent me the Hamilton…read more

Chicken and baby bok choy soup

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I had gone to Saket this Sunday.  For people who live outside Delhi, let me tell you Saket for me means the three malls Select City Walk, Metropolitan and DLF.    The place is a foodie heaven, that is for sure.  It gets a thumbs up from me on all three counts 1. Restaurants 2. Tea and coffee restaurants and pubs 3. Places to buy exotic foods from.  I wish I had had the forethought of clicking pictures of Food Hall.  Sadly I did not, but I got baby bok choy…read more


Chicken Kali Mirch

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The Indian Cashew and Pepper Chicken   The DIL is back home for a few days.  Gosh, she has lost a tremendous amount of weight and looks like a young girl!  You go, Girl!  I tell you young women these days know how to take care of their bodies while they go and kick serious ass in the work space.  I truly admire them. I wanted to cook something good and special for her that also fit into my Paleo diet.  I first thought I’d do a Salsa chicken.  I…read more


Ajwain Chicken

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Update : This is day 18 of my Paleo diet and I feel better than I ever did in years. This insane thing is working!  My knee does not ache and it even bends easily.  My frizzy hair is now smooth.  And my skin glows. I had forgotten how good being healthy felt.  I am so glad I stumbled on this diet. Now for the recipe … I found this recipe on a Facebook group called Chef At Large.  If you want to join click the link. So I tried…read more


Hunger and Chicken Basil

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Do you know what hunger is?  I did not until Day Four of the Paleo Diet Hunger makes the stomach roil.  It wrenches the gut into cramps and makes a person light-headed and giddy. Till Day Four, I was fine with the diet.  I think all the residual food in the stomach got consumed, leaving me with this gut-wrenching and light headed feeling.  And since grains, legumes and diary are not recommended in this diet, it is hard to assuage the pangs of hunger. I rushed to the kitchen and…read more

Simple Cream Chicken Recipe

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There are days when you don’t want to cook.  This is a rustic no frills recipe that is ideal for those days.  Combined with a loaf of freshly baked bread from the oven to mop up the gravy, this often serves as Sunday brunch.  It requires minimum preparation and the chicken turns out succulent and delicious. The recipe calls for whole chicken with skin which is then deboned, but I used one cut chicken.  As I often say, I don’t use refined cooking oil.  I used ghee.  And I used…read more


Lemon Herb Chicken

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Summer calls for food without garam masala, the spice mix Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis love to add to their meats.  It is a mixture of turmeric black and white peppercorns cloves cinnamon black and white cumin seeds black, brown, and green cardamom pods Coriander seeds I find it to be too rich on the palate in summers.  I experiment with new recipes to avoid that.  Don’t ask me to avoid meats – the sons get depressed if fed a steady diet of vegetarian stuff and I get stuck with left-overs….read more


Chicken breasts baked with grapes

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Angoor Khattey The (The grapes were sour) Today I weighed myself and took a blood test. My blood sugar is normal, yippee! So is my blood pressure, so I am doing right. Yay me! I decided I needed some sweetness in my life so I baked Chicken breasts with black and green grapes.  I think this dish is Mediterranean.  Don’t know though.  I normally wing it, using what I have in the fridge.  I rationalized that since the grapes were sour, this was a good way to use them.  It…read more