Beating fatigue when on a healthy diet

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You are what you eat, the old adage says. And right now I am tired.

This is something I’ve heard from so many people who switch to healthy eating. I think the underlying cause for this weariness is that we’re so used to eating foods that give instant energy that we mismanage our foods once we start shunning them. A bowl of pasta can give a lot of energy, but once that burns off it leaves a whole lot of health problems.


I thought I’d aced it, gone off gluten and sugars (for the most part) and eating healthy. Till this Sunday I was feeling pretty complacent. But on Sunday I undertook a mammoth session of spring cleaning which left me with bone aching weariness. It still lingers and needless to say I am unhappy. This brings me to the pitfalls of going on a regulated diet.

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1. There is no way we can miss a meal. Being on a paleo regimen means I have to eat every two hours or so. I’d been missing the in-between meals. No flaxseeds at 11 am, no handful of nuts at 5 pm. No carrot sticks either. Since the food regimen is pretty strict, I’ve been missing out on vital nutrients.

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2. Keep a strict eye on the water intake. This again is important. It is amazing how good the world looks if we have a glass of water flavoured with lemon, or with a few mint leaves and a slice of lemon floating in it, with clinking ice cubes.


3. Even if you are diabetic, when low eat a spoonful of organic honey. JUST – DO – IT! Sugar low is a scary condition.  I experienced it this Sunday and haven’t yet recovered.

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4. Peanut butter and ghee are good guys, so long as you don’t overdo on them. They give energy and make the regular healthy meal taste better.

5. Smoothies. When on a diet, blend. I have a rather nice blend recipe for energy.
One banana, two slices of mango, one spoon of honey and a beetroot. Just peel, dump in the blender and blend. Ignore the violent red colour of the beetroot and drink it. (I personally don’t like beetroots, so this is my way to eat them.) This pic however is of my cucumber and spinach blend. One cucumber, a small bunch of spinach, one banana and a bit of mint. Looks green and healthy, doesn’t it?

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6. When nothing else works, go shopping or chill with friends. You’ll end up feeling much better. I find meeting friends for a non-meal time is excellent. We go shopping or watch a movie instead.

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