Shahi Tukda for Diabetics

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Shahi Tukda : Diabetes Friendly version
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2666 calories
320 g
103 g
121 g
90 g
28 g
1802 g
1834 g
174 g
0 g
84 g
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size
Amount Per Serving
Calories 2666
Calories from Fat 1040
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 121g
Saturated Fat 28g
Trans Fat 0g
Polyunsaturated Fat 26g
Monounsaturated Fat 58g
Cholesterol 103mg
Sodium 1834mg
Total Carbohydrates 320g
Dietary Fiber 24g
Sugars 174g
Protein 90g
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
  1. Bread 10 slices
  2. One cup almonds
  3. Two tablespoon pistachios
  4. Half cup sugar
  5. One litre whole milk
  6. 6 stands of saffron
  7. One cup water
  2. Dry the bread slices under a fan for two hours or more
  3. Cut into triangles
  4. Deep fry and dip each slice in sugar syrup for a short moment. Don't soak them for two long or they will soften and dissolve in it.
  5. Remove and arrange on a plate.
  7. Take half cup sugar and one cup of water
  8. Boil the mixture until it is pale yellow and of one string consistency
  9. Place in a wide mouthed pan to make soaking the bread easier
  10. RABRI
  11. Boil the milk with saffron stands on low flame until it thickens to half the quantity.
  12. Peel the soaked almonds, grind them into a paste with a tablespoon of milk.
  13. Mix the paste in the milk and bring to a boil. Refrigerate until cool.
  14. Just before serving, garnish the bread slices with rabri.
  15. You can serve rabri on the side too.
  1. I did not soak my bread slices in sugar syrup. I find it tastes good without the sugar, and keeps me guilt free too.
Desi Paleo
“I’m creating a dish using Fortune Vivo Diabetes-Care Oil for the #MakeIndiaDiabetesFree activity at BlogAdda.”


When Blogadda sent me a 5 ltr can of Fortune Vivo Diabetes-Free oil for a review I experienced the same feeling one gets when faced with a multiple choice question where all the options given could be the right one. I must admit that I was a bit dubious about the oil, because it does not look like normal refined cooking oil. It is deep yellow in colour and it does not stick to the fingers.
I decided to make Shahi Tukda, or, as the Hyderabadis call it, Double Ka Meetha.
Most of the time, when I tweak recipes, the boys at home complain that everything tastes different. Even a simple homely kheer tastes different. But this recipe of Shahi Tukda has been a hit. Shahi Tukda is deep fried bread, soaked in chashni or sugar syrup and topped with rabdi or thickened milk. Yes it is an artery clogging recipe, but the traditional recipe can easily be tweaked to make it more heart and sugar level friendly.
Here is my version of the recipe.

First take ten slices of bread and place them under a fan to dry them up for two hours. Once dry, the bread does not soak up too much oil when it is deep fried, making it healthier.
Meanwhile take a litre of whole milk, add 5 to 6 strands of saffron and cook on low flame to thicken.
Soak one and a half cup of almonds in water for an hour.
Now go watch your favourite serial or Facebook for an hour or so. I love Netflix, it is my favourite diversion when I stuff things into the oven or am doing prep for a recipe. I hate waiting …
First the rabri, since we need to cool it down for the recipe. Normally non-diabetic people sweeten the milk with sugar or add condensed milk. I don’t. The bread is sweet enough. Yes, I have tweaked the rabri recipe to make it guilt free. While the milk is thickening, I peel the soaked almonds, grind with a tablespoon of milk and add the paste to the milk, bring to a boil and remove from the heat. Refrigerate the milk.
Cut the bread slices into triangles once they are dried up. Some recipes call for the sides to be trimmed but I find that it is an extra step that can easily be omitted.
Heat up oil in a kadhai or wok and deep fry the slices of bread.
While the bread is frying take half a cup of sugar and cook it in a wide pan with one cup of water. The sugar syrup should turn pale yellow and be of a one-string consistency.
Soak the fried bread slices in the sugar syrup. Arrange on a plate. Sprinkle the pastacchios on the bread. Garnish with rabri and serve.

Verdict :

The oil is really light.

It did not stick to the bread even though I deep friend the bread

The dish left us satisfied without the feeling of heaviness

Checked my sugar levels with the glucometer the next morning. NORMAL!!!

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