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Sweet and Sour Winter Pickle Cauliflower+Carrot+Turnip+Dates

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My kitchen garden has given me a generous crop of cauliflowers and carrots.  So I bought a few turnips, opened the box of dates kept in the fridge and made a sweet and sour pickle of them.  Ah bliss!  It is a common pickle made by Punjabi households.  I am sure everyone has a recipe of it.  My mother always added dates.  She loved dates and would sneak them into some recipes with surprisingly pleasant results.  This is one such recipe.


Paleo Date and Carrot Cake

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Like I said in my previous post, I cleared my carrot patch to make way for pumpkin and brinjal plants.  I got about 5 kg fresh carrots. My daughter-in-law lives in Dubai.  She keeps me well stocked in Mejdool dates. And I had just made my own cake mix. This cake mix is not made with nut meal or with coconut. I was getting bored of those flours but I am unwilling to go off my paleo diet.  So naturally I had to bake carrot and date bread.   I…read more