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Boost the immune system

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This tonic is easy to make and is really effective.  It involves no cooking and I’ve seen benefits in using it for just one week.   All we need is a glass jar (I used an empty jam jar, cleaned and sun-dried) honey, pepper and garlic. Garlic : Everyone knows that garlic is really good for health.  Sadly though, cooking it destroys most of the benefits.  A study conducted by Washington State University showed that garlic is 100 times more effective than antibiotics in combating disease causing bacteria.  Its anti…read more

Baked seer with coriander and ginger

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I was planning to bake fish with coriander and coconut.  The younger son rebelled.  He hates coconut, he declared.  Humph!  Remind me to point this out to him when he munches a Bounty or eats coconut laddus.  Well, to be a bit charitable to him, we have been having too much coconut milk in the house, so I guess he needed a break from coconut in any form. So I changed my plan, and it turned out brilliant.  Winters in Delhi means we get a lot of greens.  I had…read more